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Donation Processing

Tools to accept donations on your platform. Crypto Button

An embeddable button or link to accept donations of certain cryptocurrencies with a 1% transaction fee.

API Donation Button

Open-source button for nonprofits.


Giving Block

Solutions for accepting crypto donations including wallets, widgets and support.



A free set of APIs, widgets and apps to facilitate donations and associated data for 13k nonprofits, from Blackbaud.


Network for Good

All-in-one tool (with fees) for digital fundraising and donation processing.


Pinkaloo Charitable Giving

Infrastructure (with fees) for building philanthropy into existing apps and websites, including the ability to accept charitable funds, deliver tax receipts, and distribute funds to charitable organizations.


PayPal Giving Fund

A set of tools (no transaction fees) for processing donations to a large number of US-based nonprofits.


Pledge e-Com Plugins

A set of tools (with fees) for fundraising through your own website, platform, Zoom events, etc., including access to data for over 1.8 million nonprofits around the world.



A set of tools (with transaction fees) for accepting online and in-person payments, suitable for use by charitable platforms and marketplaces.



A broad range of fundraising and donation processing tools (with transaction fees). For use by charitable platforms and marketplaces.



Free tools for nonprofits to fundraise, including for events, peer-to-peer and campaign pages plus widgets for existing websites.


Giving Opportunities

A list of resources to find content about causes, organizations, and/or projects to give time or money on your platform.

Nonprofits (General)

Candid API

A paid service offering access to Candid’s comprehensive social sector data for 1.6 million US-based nonprofits.


Charity Navigator

A free and paid option for API access to Charity Navigator‘s database of 1.6m US-based nonprofits to use on your own website or app.


The Nonprofit Search API allows you to incorporate search of over 1 million 501(c)(3) organizations into your website’s API, get metadata about each nonprofit, and create a donate link for others to quickly donate. It also supports making cause-based lists and donation processing.


GlobalGiving Atlas

A registry of 8.5 million nonprofits from 80 countries in a standardized format, with API access for use on standalone websites.


Nonprofits (Cause or location-specific)

COVID-19 Nonprofit Aid Visualizer

Free tools that overlay public health and nonprofit data for COVID (350k) and Hunger & Homelessness-focused (165k) organizations in the US to help donors find charities to support.


COVID-19 Urgent Service Provider Support Tool

A free set of state-specific Power BI tables aggregating COVID-19 service provider data from the CDC, IRS and local public health agencies to help donors and funders find and evaluate the capacity of nonprofit direct service providers closest to the communities in greatest need.


Women & Girls Index

A searchable and downloadable dataset for 47,000+ nonprofits focused on supporting women and girls.


Giving Gap

A curated list of over 800 Black-founded nonprofits across the United States, organized by cause type.


Nonprofit Aid Visualizer for Hunger and Homelessness

A searchable dataset of nonprofit organizations focusing on either hunger or homelessness, sourced from Candid, Feeding America, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Powered by Vanguard Charitable.


1% for the Planet

A directory of businesses, individuals and vetted nonprofit organizations around the world tackling our planet’s most pressing environmental issues.


EPIC Africa

Database of almost 400 African Civil Society organizations with information to find, vet and support a range of organizations from think tanks to direct service delivery groups across 46 African countries.


Projects (Cause or Location-specific)

VolunteerMatch API

A paid API for access to 100k+ up-to-date volunteering opportunities spanning 29 unique cause areas in every city, state, and ZIP code.



Nonprofit crowdfunding platform featuring hyperlocal, community-led projects across the United States.


GlobalGiving Project API

GlobalGiving API allows you to integrate project information, organization data, and donation options in your app or website by giving you direct access to the giving opportunities in their database.


Mutual Aid Hub

An unvetted list and map of United States-based Mutual Aid Networks and other community self-support projects, with contact info.



Free access to DonorsChoose’s database of over 55,000 classroom fundraising projects across the United States.



A bilingual crowdfunding platform focused on advancing Latino social impact projects and promoting philanthropy across the Americas.



Hasanah is a nonprofit digital platform that enables donors to make informed and impactful charitable contributions and harness the full potential of Islamic philanthropic capital.


Product Experimentation & Design

Best practices for designing giving products and features.

Nudge the Good

A working group formally applying behavioral insights to the practice of employee giving and volunteering.


Making Decisions in Group Giving

A study by Shared Nation shows the efficacy of pairwise voting as a mechanism to enable large-scale collective giving groups to make efficient decisions that increase their overall impact.


Science of Generosity

An initiative at University of Notre Dame that brings together diverse approaches in order to create a field for the study of generosity in all its forms.


Behavior and Charitable Giving

A literature review from ideas42 of more than 100 studies showing behavioral insights as a mechanism for more effectively directing dollars towards effective solutions and removing barriers to action for individual donors.


Playbook on Effective Matching Campaigns

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Giving By All teamed up with Alvarez and Marsal to create a guide for running effective match funding campaigns.


Policies & Regulations

Legal, policy, and organizational frameworks to reference as you launch your product or platform.

ioby Digital Inclusion Policy

A sample giving platform’s digital inclusion policy, meant to be shared for sector learning. ioby’s Digital Inclusion Policy is a set of values and principles that are part of ioby’s larger Racial Equity & Inclusion framework.


Ethos by Global Giving

A toolkit/how-to guide designed to help leaders explore, act on, manage, and learn from dilemmas. The framework addresses the neutrality paradox experienced by giving platforms and other intermediaries and provides tools for solving problems that may arise in the course of a platform’s operations.


Virtual Currency Donations by New American & ICNL

Report that assesses opportunities and obstacles in charitable donations of virtual currencies around the world.


Fundraisings Principles Report by ICNL

The Fundraising Principles report provides a global overview of current trends in fundraising regulation and self-regulation.


Sector Intelligence

The latest data on market trends.

Giving Tuesday Data Commons

Working groups and research portals into data sourced across the nonprofit sector on topics such as Form 990 data, DAFs, impact measurement, workplace giving, and citizen action.


National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS)

A comprehensive collection of data on the nonprofit sector in the United States, compiled from compatible national, state, and regional databases.


Study on Nonprofit Trends

An annual report from the Urban Institute about the nonprofit sector, including open data sources for current and past years.


2021 Corporate Volunteering, Giving & Grants Tech Review

An overview of significant developments relevant to platforms operating in corporate giving, volunteering and grantmaking.


How To Build A Supportive Ecosystem

A collection of tools and guidance from WINGS intended to educate and support the development of the philanthropy support ecosystem, including infrastructure organizations like giving platforms.


Designing for Digital Confidence

A free set of tools from Last Mile Money intended to support the creation of new products and services designed for the next wave of internet users.


Greater Giving Summit

Videos from the 2021 event “React, Transform, Rebound,” with content focused on reimagining giving in a post-COVID-19 world.



Giving Tuesday’s collection of over 350 reports from international research on generosity, volunteerism, behavior science, movement building, and trends in giving.


Other Reports & Resources

Global Giving Circle Directory

A searchable map of over 2000 giving circles worldwide made through a collaboration between Philanthropy Together and Grapevine.


Mutual Aid NYC GitHub

An unverified self-service set of tech resources to support Mutual Aid groups to get started and manage ongoing operations.


Giving Compass

Free API access to 14,000 articles, guides and videos to help educate people and guide them toward giving with impact.


Give Campus

A comprehensive fundraising platform tailored for colleges, universities, and K12 schools, with solutions for accepting and processing donations (including cryptocurrency and digital wallets), volunteer management, video stewardship, and prospect research.



A space to support the growing collective giving movement.



Free and professional (with fees) web tools for recruiting, screening, scheduling, tracking, communicating, and fundraising from participants within your organizations and with your external partners anywhere in the world.