The 2021 Greater Giving Summit

April 2021

In 2021, the Giving By All team hosted a four-part virtual event which took place once monthly from February to May. The summit brought together 200+ leaders from around the world who work to improve charitable giving by everyday donors: researchers, innovators, product developers and practitioners. Each of the events centered around the overall theme “React, Transform, Rebound,” with content focused on reimagining giving in a post-COVID-19 world.

Day 1: 2.23.2021

Keynote: Q&A with Bill and Melinda Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates spoke with Shena Ashley of the Urban Institute about trends in everyday giving.

Virtual Visit with GlobalGiving: Covid Emergency Giving in South America

Michael Gale, Director of Programs at Global Giving and Patricia Gonzales and Angelica Vega, Fundación Niños de los Andes (Colombia),  shared how they pivoted during the pandemic and insights about online giving during a crisis.

Showcase Panel: Insights on Innovation from Winners of the Reimagine Charitable Giving Challenge

A panel discussion brought together participants from the Reimagine Charitable Giving Challenge, an open innovation competition focused on sourcing promising giving concepts implemented as part of the Better Giving Studio program.

Virtual Visit with DonorsChoose: Keep Kids Learning

Alexandra Fagundez and Jasmine Morrow from DonorsChoose, and Jamel Holmes an educator from one of the DonorsChoose participating schools shared insights from their “Keep Kids Learning Program.”

Day 2: 3.30.2021

State of the State of Giving During Uncertain Times: Research, Data, & Insights

A panel of experts from the giving community discussed how unprecedented public health, racial unrest, and economic crises impacted giving, and how giving will transform post COVID.

Spotlight Talk: The Future of How We Give

Lucy Bernholz, Senior Research Scholar at Stanford University’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society and Director of the Digital Civil Society Lab presented on the future of giving and share a preview on her forthcoming book, “How We Give Now: A Philanthropic Guide for the Rest of Us.”

Virtual Visit with the Latino Community Fund

Members of the Latino Community Fund (LCF Georgia) gave an overview of their work and shared how their COVID economic recovery investments supported local communities historically left behind. 

Research Deep Dive Final Takeaways

Experts from the giving community came together to reflect on nine research deep dive sessions held throughout the day.

Virtual Visit with ioby: How Tech Facilitated Neighbor-to-Neighbor Giving

Erin Barnes from ioby led a conversation with social entrepreneur Alyssa Dizon about her experience during COVID leading a 4000+ member mutual aid network in her neighborhood that used free technology apps to facilitate neighbor-to-neighbor giving across scores of neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn and beyond.

Virtual Visit with the Aurora Women and Girls Foundation

Jennifer Steadman, Executive Director, Aurora Women and Girls Foundation, shared how their research and targeted funding created educational and economic opportunities for BIPOC women in Greater Hartford, CT, one of the country’s poorest and most diverse metropolitan areas.

Day 3: 4.20.2021

How to Ensure Racial Equity in Giving

Jennifer Chavez Rubio, Senior Program Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, led a discussion around how to ensure racial equity in everyday giving.

Spotlight Talk: Mutual Aid – Past, Present, and Future

Tyesha Maddox of Fordham University, gave a spotlight talk examining the history of mutual aid organizing in the United States, exploring the rise of mutual aid societies in the time of COVID-19 and beyond.

Virtual Visit with The Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts

Donna Haghighat from The Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts led a virtual site visit of WFWM and discussed how the program pivoted at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual Visit with St. Croix Foundation for Community Development

Deanna James of the St. Croix Foundation for Community Development, gave an overview of their innovative approach to crisis philanthropy, based on over 30 years of responding to natural disasters.

Equity in Giving: Case Studies

Lessons Learned from LaunchGood, an online platform to inspire Muslims Globally

Zainab Husain from LaunchGood led a discussion on equity in giving, sharing lessons learned from the LaunchGood platform.

The Schott Foundation for Public Education

Dr. Leah Austin and Marianna Islam from The Schott Foundation for Public Education shared learnings from their Covid response.

Setting New Equity Goals at DonorsChoose

Steen Lyles and Risa Ward from DonorsChoose shared how the organization is realigning work across the organization to deepen their impact.

How Black Panthers and Queer/Disability Movements Informed ioby’s Covid Response

Erin Barnes from ioby, along with members of two mutual aid groups, shared examples from mutual aid societies and how these efforts continue to adapt and respond to the needs of black and brown neighborhoods during the pandemic.  

How Gender Shapes Giving Behavior Online

Jeannie Sager from the Indiana Lilly Family School of Philanthropy gave an overview of the findings from the Women Give 2020 Report – New Forms of Giving in a Digital Age: Powered by Technology, Creating Community.

How women’s funds engage donors to move emergency relief funds equitably

Two women’s funds shared how they responded to the pandemic through a justice lens by engaging donors, grantees and community partners.

Lessons Learned: An Inclusive Covid Response

Leaders from the Disability Rights Fund shared reflections from the organization’s COVID response.

Giving to Underserved AAPI Communities

Maya Iwata, Thea Chhun, and Cathy Fong from Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP) led a discussion on equity in giving.

Catalyzing Community Giving and Black Giving

Ciciley Moore from the Kellogg Foundation and Bithiah Carter from New England Blacks in Philanthropy shared insights from Catalyzing Community Giving, an initiative to democratize philanthropy through locally driven philanthropy by communities of color and black giving.

Day 4: 5.18.2021

Curation, Collaboration, Coordination: Developing a Preparedness Mindset for Giving in a Crisis & Beyond

Dr. Valerie Nkamgang Bemo, Deputy Director at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, led a conversation on how to adapt lessons learned from humanitarian aid responses to help donors invest in preparedness.

Fireside Chat: Youth and the Future of Generosity

GivingTuesday’s CEO Asha Curran led a conversation with four GivingTuesdaySpark leaders on youth and the future of generosity.

Workshop: Helping Everyday Donors Give to People Using Fiscal Sponsorship

ioby CEO Erin Barnes led a conversation with mutual aid activists on how person-to-person cash assistance helped reach more people in need during the pandemic.

Workshop: Curating Causes: Giving platform leaders work together to address platform

Leaders from GlobalGiving led a workshop showcasing their new tool – Ethos – a how-to guide for any leader facing ethical dilemmas.  

Workshop: A roundtable discussion on how new platforms or tools could support the giving of high-capacity donors

Leaders from ideas42 led a roundtable discussion on how new tools and services tailored to high-capacity donors can increase the quantity and quality of giving.

Spotlight Talk: Rebuilders and Their Impact on Giving

Author Paul Shoemaker shared ideas from his newly published book, Taking Charge of Change: How Rebuilders Solve Hard Problems.

Workshop: Race, Gender and Rapid Response: Applications for Everyday Giving

Elizabeth Barajas-Román, CEO of the Women’s Funding Network, led a workshop on how the Response, Recovery and Resilience Collaborative fund (RRRCF) allowed WFN to provide gender and racial justice funding throughout the pandemic and how this effort can apply to everyday giving.

Workshop: A roundtable conversation on the state of volunteering and trends and ideas for the future

Leaders from VolunteerMatch, Realized Worth, and Microsoft led a roundtable conversation on the state of volunteering and what norms the sector should embrace as a collective volunteer community.

Virtual Visit with World Central Kitchen

Nate Mook and Russell Bermel from World Central Kitchen provided an overview of how WCK uses the power of food to empower communities and strengthen economies.

Keynote: A conversation with Chef and Humanitarian José Andrés

Taryn Jensen, Program Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, spoke with Chef and Humanitarian José Andrés on his work at World Central Kitchen and how they have responded to global crises by bringing fresh meals to communities in need.

Other News

February 2021

Dive into the Evidence

The Better Giving Studio aims to bridge the gap between research and real world innovation by getting better products into the hands of everyday givers. Contained in this post are evidence citations that support the concepts on this site.

Giving Multiplier was a finalist in the most recent Better Giving Studio OpenIDEO challenge. In this LA Times Op-Ed, two of the founders of Giving Multiplier -- Lucius Caviola and Joshua Greene -- break down some of the reasons that charitable giving isn't more evidence-based, and how digital products like Giving Multiplier are working to overcome this challenge.