The giving marketplace is ripe for innovation.

The Better Giving Studio (BGS) recognizes the power of individual donors — whether it’s $5, $50, or $5000, it is the act of giving that counts. While generosity is a universal value that spans time, geographies, and cultures, digitization is transforming how we give. The Better Giving Studio aspires to help everyday donors by sharing innovative and inclusive digital solutions across the giving marketplace. We hope to serve as a resource for the field by offering practical tools, real-world insights, and opportunities for collaboration.

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  • Announcing the Finalists of the Reimagine Charitable Giving Challenge

    In September, we launched the Reimagine Charitable Giving Challenge, an open source innovation Challenge to identify promising concepts in the digital giving space. The 6-week open call is part of Better Giving Studio’s effort to experiment with various methodologies for sourcing and supporting innovations focused on the everyday giver.

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The Better Giving Studio

Open minds and open source

We invite giving platforms, organizations, and entrepreneurs to work with us as we explore new opportunities to better connect people with the causes they care about. Wherever possible, we strive to make BGS tools and concepts open source so that they can be adopted, remixed or used for inspiration and learning. 

What’s the giving ecosystem and giving marketplace? Am I a part of it?

The giving ecosystem encompasses anyone who participates in, benefits from, facilitates, or studies the practice of charitable giving–a community member who donates to their local food bank, researchers who examine giving trends, product developers working for giving platforms, and beyond.